A lady who calls herself Priyanka Sahl / Priyanka Sahi / Hari Om / Kalki Mahavatar, and other aliases.   is   operating on Social Media,  in a way suggestive that she is a close friend and agent for Swami Yogananda.

She is not authorised by Swami Yogananda to distribute any Swami Yogananda products/books/video/photos/teachings etc. in any physical, electronic or verbal format.

Her speech, deeds and actions are not in accord to the teachings, manner or philosophy of Swami Yogananda.

There is no authorised WhatsApp group, or, Telegram group; and these should be avoided until further notice.

‘Yogananda Talks’ is the main authorised distributer for all Swami Yogananda physical, intellectual and informational products relating to his Divine messages and teachings.

Regional and local representatives will be listed on the Yogananda Talks website.  


Swami Yogananda



15th July 2020


Another Psuedo name/ alias being used is Al Hamd

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