Since the Corona Lockdown,  Swami Yogananda has been unable to leave the ashram, and visitors prevented  from coming to his ashram.   As a ‘monk’ Swami depends on donations for his day to day upkeep,  his ashram needs maintainance, his projects and the updating of the ashram have been on ‘Hold’   His charitable Animal Welfare Trust provides animals with food, shelter and medical care, etc for a large area,  is also not receiving support.

Swami does not charge money for his teachings, attendances or healings,  and depends on heart-motivated  offerings.

It was hoped to bring this appeal more gently,  but the lockdown has presented an urgency.  

Payments by Bank Transfer, Western Union and mobile phone payment are possible.

Please donate from your heart,  as little as you can spare will collectively help. 

For security reasons account indformation is not being displayed on the website,  but you can use the dontion link below for further information

Bank transfers can take 5 to14 days    Western Union and is very quick,  amost instant or within 24hours – to 3 days, subject to local time zones, office hours etc..

Please complete the information below and click the SEND button,  and the bank details etc will be sent to you.

Love, Blessings and Appreciation

How to Sponsor

Swami Yogananda’s Mission

1.  Please send email to


 include your name, nearest city, and country.

2.  Check your email inbox;  if no information recieved,  check your Junk mail box, if nothing found after 3-4 days please try again. and send Bc or CC copy  message to –


3. Make your donation.

4. Use the link below,  letting us know a donation is on the way.

Thank you for your support


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